Why an alternative future?


Humanity has lost its dignity, its freedoms and its rights, and our legal system is based on authority and not morals, which creates an obligation for those of our generation to offer a choice of where humanity should be led. The Manaian way offers to protect the people, the environments, and the wildlife for generations to come.


What makes this path different?


The path begins on a moral footing and leads humanity toward a social solution based on free basic needs. This requires us to separate our social order from the business and commerce which charges us to live, and in order to do that, we must create some new options which overtime removes the cost of living for good.


  • The new housing option of Guardianship

  • A new low cost solar electricity grid 

  • A water reserve system of rain water tanks

  • Shared secondary needs libraries

  • Unity through equal control and transparency

  • Free internet and communications

  • Long range free charge electric vehicles

  • And natural holistic farming methods