Every idea is influenced by the idealist’s environment and upbringing, his values and beliefs and how life has treated him throughout his years. 

 The influences  

  • Divinci

  • Cook and the Endeavour

  • Capitalism and Communism

  • How the markets operate

  • Nature 

  • Great leaders; Mandela and Martin Luther King Jnr

  • Prophecy

  • And life itself

Divinci, exposed us to Alchemy which shows us how to pull apart something into its small building blocks and if we change just one building block, we alter the element. Genetic modification is alchemy.

Cook exposed us to Terra Nullius to plunder the lands and introduce capitalism and ownership. 

Free markets are swayed by big money bred competition and manipulation, where resources and labour are controlled to keep product scarce and the prices high.

Man’s hand has altered the climate and raised the temperature of our planet using chainsaws and dozers and paving and building equipment, dry land farming, overfishing our waters and spreading toxic waste.

History has had many great leaders, all of which were murdered except for Mandela, who was incarcerated for most of his life, who all helped give us the courage to bring forward another attempt to free humanity from the injustices that all of the other greats also fought for.

The aligning of the stars post 2012 has brought forward the Manaian Way which has good timing to align with many prophecies that a path will be shown and humanity will have a choice of where it should be led.

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