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what we do.

 Our Priorities 



  • Every man woman and child on the planet deserves the opportunity to live on the planet free of charge, and not be indebted for any basic needs. Using our system of Guardianship, this generation will sow the seeds of free basic needs and we will have that freedom.


  • We reap what we sow, and Guardianship is the tool to end the costs of rent and mortgage repayments, which allows us to use the housing with the solar and water tanks free of monetary cost for generations to come.


  • Time will allow every soul a basic and equal existence, and the freedom to choose whatever it is they also want and need in their life. As Guardianship expands around the globe and we all receive equal basic and free needs, people may also then decide that pay for a particular job should be the same in every country which could delete currency trading that helps to hold some countries incomes way below others.

 Rebuilding Towns and Communities 

  • Country people have moved to the cities because the work was enticed to go there a century ago. Many towns have died and old homes and buildings sit abandoned, yet the stress of cues and traffic gridlock, the high cost of living and working till you drop is the norm for many where city ghettos start creating safety issues and people can’t cope. With automation taking jobs, the internet allows us to work from home so why not make that return journey back to the townships and create vibrant communities with new infrastructure and using the valuable old buildings with large land plots as the better alternative.

 Restoring the Environment 

  • Major environmental degradation is caused by human corporations, either stripping the planet of its remaining natural resources, and then degrading it further with the waste produced and the chemicals required in the construction process to be dumped. Our rivers and seas are polluted as are our lands and homes. We help to counteract this by moving people away from job dependency, which then offers each individual the choice of who to work for and who`s products to buy from.

 Human Preservation 

  • Every soul is as important as another, so we offer to help reinstate natural medicines’ and the healing arts to allow the choice of both the scientific and the natural world, and to teach the symbionce we have with all living things as we cannot do one thing without affecting many others.

 Our Insights 


  • "...when the earth is ravaged, and all of the food is gone, only then will people realise that money cannot be eaten..."

  • "...there comes a point in time when humanity has the choice of two paths. One leading to the destruction of mankind and all living things, and the other where people from all over stand upright together as one, rebuilding and healing..."


  • We once had tribal freedom and people were peaceful until their area of habitation was used up or naturally diminished, and so tribes either combined or fought one another. This progressed to rulers and kingship which decimated lands and tribes with new weapons making it easier to take over unopposed. This then led to the European model of ownership law and fractional reserve lending which then wiped out those without the knowledge of such things  and life became fixed and inflexible..

 Present Day 

  • Today without money we cannot survive. Even our most basic needs of food, water and shelter are kept from us if we have no money. It is because it has come to this, that slavery, prostitution, child abuse, family disharmony, animal cruelty, corruption, manipulations and the stripping of natural resources is the 'norm'.

 End Result 

  • Consumerism is the corporate equivalent to cannibalism, where everything and everyone is eventually consumed as was predicted hundreds of years ago, and the circle is complete.


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