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 How can we help? 


 Save You Money 

  • Guardianship is not attached to interest rates which allows the per week debt of a property to halve if need be. On a mortgage calculator, 100k at 5% over 30 years costs us $124 per week yet at .1% would cost only $66 per week.

  • Solar also costs you nothing to have it installed so therefore any home within this system will offer free electricity.


 Conserve our Resources 

  • Presently almost everyone is housed, meaning we already have enough housing and there are still many properties going through stages of building or renovation which are empty. Many country homes sit abandoned because the work left and the towns closed their doors.

  • It is much cheaper to reconstitute old and abandoned buildings as the infrastructure and services are already in place which could be used as very cheap housing.

  • Sunlight and water collection for each property rather than relying on normal services could ease the strain on the infrastructure of power stations and reservoirs as common sense would be use the environment first and be connected to services only as backup when required. . 


 Build a Safer Environment 

  • Ending the transiency of renting and the associated issues of rental increases and the property being sold and the many other issues not being said, Guardianship offers fixed price generational term rentals with an end point where no more rent is ever paid.

  • As Guardianship protects us, it also allows families to grow in an environment that they know. This is great for the children who can stay at the same school and allows them to bond with prospective lifelong friends and feel safe in their environment.

  • A safe home and an affordable home takes the monetary pressure off families and is likely to have a positive impact on a family’s health and wellbeing helping to end child abuse.


 Create less cost through free secondary needs 

  • Jacques Fresco designed a library which was full of items that people don’t use daily but need every now and again. Instead of books, he envisioned going down to the library for a wheelbarrow or sewing machine, or for tools and a ladder. Caravans, surfboards and a SLR camera. Whatever we want could be in a local library near you in our future. We will be seeking the funds for these as well, meaning our homes will be less cluttered for one and we will only need a library subscription to have access to these things.


 Remove the indifference of good men 

  • We can show a positive impact that the Manaian Way has on people, and so we would promote that anyone knowing that things are wrong to make a stand and stick up for our fellow beings. At the least you will bring light to the issue and at best you can have as big an impact as Guardianship. "Evolution is my creation." FREE eBook Download.


 Join Us  

 Our Goal 

 Set a New Standard of Living 

  • It is our goal to improve the lives of every man woman and child on the planet, and at the same time use our unity to end the destruction of our resources.

 Restore Workmanship 

  • Good quality one of a kind well made products give us individualism and security and heralds the return of craftsmen who work with all types of natural products. Made to last craftsmanship, rather than mass produced products designed to break down so we can keep consuming is where we can head if Guardianship can be accepted.


 Restore Equality 

  • It is our goal that every man woman and child has a safe and secure home with power and water as stage 1. We will then offer a free basic amount of food, phone, internet and transport.

  • Restore equality through gender and countries where anyone doing the same job anywhere around the globe is paid equally.


 Restore Dignity and Hope 

  • Each man deserves his own castle to change and use as he sees fit, and each free need becomes a right.

  • And Instead of creating for possessions we create for use, and we create asylum to everyone, away from oppression in every form.

  • All have voices and it is our right to all be heard. 

  • Where each man woman and child knows that their cost of living will end.

  • Restore the lives of animals to live outdoors in open ranges with natural shelter and water supplies with weeds needed for natural animal health.

  • Restore the flow of our rivers and streams and divert drains to holding areas where rubbish is collected before it gets to the sea.

  • Use "nature strips" for bushes and shrubs for the bees and the birds and the small marsupials as housing and wildlife thoroughfare.

  • Create Vegie gardens where house lawns have been and reintroduce school curriculum on simple permaculture survival from your own backyard.


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