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 Housing Bank of Australia 

The housing bank is the first of its kind, and what it does is convert ownership into perpetual peppercorn leases to protect the user of a property from the legalities of the ownership. It deals in all types of property to reduce the cost of housing to a point where all housing becomes free to use. 


 Business Partnerships 

Do you have a product we can place our stamp onto, which connects the impact we are creating with your products for a very small margin? 

Our interest is in any business which can add into our moral enterprise model to save people money. Talk to us if you have any interest in working toward our goals together.


 Donate your time 

Volunteer your time or services to help spread the message, from letter drops to social media and events which will aid in getting our message out, leading to the protection of our generation and every other who is born after us, which will positively impact the people and the planet. 


 Extra Reading 


 Donate money or property 

Another option is to donate funds toward our not for profit fund in either country, rather than with Red Cross or St Vinnies, or World Vision etc, who keeps much of the donations for themselves as seen after the Australian bushfires recently.

All of the donations are transparent and go directly to the housing fund of the country, and after the teething phase, the fund will be given to a respectable entity to continue the work without us.



DIRECT DONATIONS - this is not tax deductible.

Manaia Fund (New Zealand)


Account Number 01-0505-0956438-00

Manaia Fund (Australia)


Account Number 1049 3113 | BSB 062-546

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