Our solutions   

  • The Housing Bank of Australia. (non-monetary)

  • Removal of basic needs service costs

  • Protection through our legal system

  • The reintroduction of morality based systems

  • Less reliance on the monetary system

  • Simple ways to make sustainable systems generational

  • A helping hand to regenerate natures systems

Wherever each man comes from, and whatever his heritage is, food, water, housing, electricity, communications and transport are the basic physical needs which every human requires.

Our social philosophy and ideology is based on Freedom, Equality and Unity, and as we work together toward freeing ourselves from the cost of these basic needs, our world begins to change right before our eyes. 

Corporate terrorism, world economic collapses, or engineered pandemics will not affect us anymore. Poverty and homelessness will become a thing of the past, and we will all begin to start trusting one another again because we will be equally responsible and in charge of this automated social change, which will also help to protect us from bad business and manipulated markets.

 Service costs   

  • Removal of service costs to be in-line with the Manaian Way principals, allows us to create new ways of delivering services which reduce in costs until the cost is not existent at all. Stage 1 defines housing, water and electricity as the first 3 basic needs which will become free to use.


  • Zero point economics, pay-it-forward, positive-negative cash flows, Use V ownership, and collective beneficiaries are words that will be introduced into the world to protect the people from further economic downfalls and hardship.

 Protection through our legal system   

  • Protecting the people and the environment will be what the people would like to overlay on our legal system to deter bad business ethics from happening any further. We use the system to help us, rather than have it dictate to us.

 The reintroduction of morality   

  • Every new system needs moral integrity so as no-one misses out or is left behind. Housing without cost means that homelessness will be no-more. The elderly dying in winter because they can’t afford power bills to keep warm. People starving when there is ample food for everyone. People requiring medical help or dentistry having to put up with pain because they do not have the money, are just some of the things we will change.


  • Our systems create less reliance on the monetary system, where generations of people will be able to have free basics because of what we do now. These benefits allow our future generations to stand strong on the future path of mankind, and as such, our round table leaderless system empowers each person to follow his dreams.

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