Writings and Insights 

Jenny`s has made available, her intuitively written self-help book which was written to help guide others through life’s emotional maze that we all find ourselves in at times.  "From one soul to another"

Glenn has made available his concepts through fact and fiction in relation to the creation of the Manaian Way and the vision he received on a New Zealand mountain. The Activist Poet and "Evolution is my creation." FREE eBook Download..

 Channelled Energy Readings 

Jenny is available for channelled readings and G & J offer self-help workshops relating to mind, body, spirit and money, based on the Manaian principals.

 Further information 

Check out the informative Manaian Way YouTube channel, and the Jenny Phelan and Manaian Way pages on Facebook. 


G & J have an assortment of Manaian Way influenced clothing; T-shirts and Jumpers, and locally carved Manaia pendants, as well as books and cards which could be given as gifts.



Glenn and Jenny Phelan are the creators of the Manaian Way.



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