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donate to our cause.

 There are many ways you can contribute  

  Donate to the Manaia Fund of New Zealand 





  • You choose the size of the donation and the frequency, and you have the control to stop the donation at any time. 

  • OR DONATE DIRECT | Account Name MANAIA FUND PTY LTD | Account Number 01-0505-0956438-00 


  Sign up for updates  


  • Sign up for updates on the funds progress, events, promotions and properties available.

  Apply to become a Guardian Recipient 


  Join our Joint Venture Team  

About Joint Ventures

We offer the opportunity to combine our resources for our mutual benefit. Some of our projects include:

  • Activist Café`s using Manaian Way information and being a talking point for the Manaia Fund.

  • Water tank manufacturers and retailers promoting conservation tank to grid systems.

  • Clothing manufacturers and retailers looking for a change of direction.

  • Natural Healing health card

  • Venus Project libraries for secondary needs.

  • Join our Joint Venture team of manufacturers and retailers to help in the promotion of this movement. Grow with us.      

  • Contact empowerus@manaianway.com

  Support EmpowerUs Australia  


  • Support EmpowerUs Australia to continue spreading the word by buying some of our promotional products within our shop.


  • T shirts

  • Hoodies


  • Hand carved Manaia pendants

 Water conservation Tanks 

  • Designed for easy connection with backup mains supply.


  • One Earth Two Paths PDF (Free)

  Put us in your Will 


  • Your whole donation, not part, goes to the purchase or helps to purchase Manaia Fund guardianship homes and its tanks and solar upgrades, and not some management team eager to increase wages or fund that new car or office upgrade as is common with many donation practices.

  • We guarantee that your donations will be fully spent and fully refunded by our rent to guardianship agreements and fully spent again and again and again.

  • Download our "how to" guide.

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