the objective

 Our path  

`We the People’ can create a new world for the betterment of humanity, rather than have us always be indebted to it.

The Manaian Way will positively impact the people and the environment by altering a few things such as;

  • Remove the impact of ownership and fractional reserve lending (1700s)

  • Back our money system using housing (2021)

  • Reduce the impact that a corporation has on the environment. (from 2021)

  • End economic slavery and job dependency. (by 2040)

  • Apply a moral directive for the legal system to follow. (2021) 

  • Use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and reduce and remove the costs of living associated with these needs. (1942)

  • Create Venus Project Libraries to impact consumerism to share our secondary needs rather than buying them. (1951)

  • End corruption and manipulation of our system by implementing a leaderless order. (2012)

  • Teach the UN Declaration of Human Rights. (1948)

  • Bring an end to waste and revegetate the planet. (full time job)

The Manaian Way’s moral based social platforms objective is to change the heading of humanity, to reduce our cost of living, and raise our standard of living, while becoming less job dependent, which changes the status quo of our interaction with corporations. 

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