about us.

 What makes us different?  

  • Guardianship

  • We use legal contracts

  • We offer what people need

  • Our Accountability                              

  • We lower the cost of living  

  • We make free basic needs sustainable for every generation to come

 Our People 

 Our Cause 

  • To simply end the suffering of humanity by raising the awareness that there is another way to live, which increases our standard of living by reducing our cost of living, leading to generations of free basic needs.



 Our System 

  • We use Guardianship to remove many costs of living, which initially includes housing and rent, power bills and water bills. Our second stage will remove the cost of basic foods and initiate free internet and transport.

  • Guardianship will not be indebted, and when interest is removed our cost of living can halve. Using a mortgage calculator 100k at 5% over 30 years costs $124 per week. Without interest that cost is $66 per week, so we can have affordable housing right now.

  • We also add solar to grid to remove the unwanted power bills and we add water to grid conservation tanks to collect what nature offers to also remove those high water charges.

  • We operate through 2 companies co-operatively. The Manaia Fund Pty Ltd and EmpowerUs Australia Pty Ltd. The Manaia Fund is a property holding company and is Not-for-Profit to be used as the name on the title of every Guardianship home. This company collects funds, purchases the homes, and the roof and garden additions and then the capital is returned into the same fund via rent to be recollected and to be re-spent again.

  • EmpowerUs Australia makes its own money promoting the Manaian Way, creating joint ventures, doing expos and events, and selling promotional gear such as books, clothing and jewellery. 

  • Unlike a charity, 99% of the funds we receive in the Manaia Fund goes toward the purchasing of houses and the inclusion of the solar and water to grid systems we need, and no funds from this fund are required to manage or maintain these properties, as this is done by EmpowerUs and the Rent-to-Guardianship contract.

 Our Accountability 

  • Our Rent-to-Guardianship contracts can be tailored for differing circumstances and will create sustainable safe and long term affordable tenancies where a tenant accepts certain new responsibilities and with that comes new rewards and freedoms.

  • We can offer public Manaia Fund statements of account showing funds received, funds spent, funds on hand, and funds to be returned, and we can show how EmpowerUs Australia is managing the fund without using Manaia Fund money to do so.















 How we work 

For the Manaia Fund,

  • We collect funding from private and commercial sources, and as soon as there is enough money for another property purchase we do so. 

  • We add solar and water tanks if possible and do quick renovations to make the home habitable if it is not. This is at our discretion.

  • The Manaia Fund purchases a property debt free for a guardian recipient and through the Rent-to-Guardianship Contract offers a negotiated affordable rent which ends when the cost of the property and its inclusions has been recovered.

  • The contract also offers that the tenant can sublet, have pets and plant fruit trees and grow vegetables. They can also renovate and put their own stamp on their home which they can also pass down to their offspring who will also enjoy the same freedoms and benefits.

  • For these freedoms they take the responsibility of an owner paying the rates and insurance and the responsibility of doing the right thing or evicting themselves.


For EmpowerUs Australia,

  • We travel doing shows and events to educate people on this new living option to raise awareness and support for our cause.

  • We build up connections and joint ventures aligned to EmpowerUs and our cause, separated from the Manaia Fund, and without the attachment of strings to sway change in what the Manaia Fund is being used for.

  • We are the start point to start the Manaia Fund off the correct way. Later on EmpowerUs will not be needed and the Manaia Fund can continue on working on its own.​


 Jenny Phelan

Mother of 2, writer, spiritual intuitive (of the light), and a peaceful activist with a caring nature.

 Glenn Phelan  

A peaceful activist, realist, visionary and deep thinker.

The pioneer and creator of the Manaian Way version of Guardianship.


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